Sunday, February 22, 2009

Engineering Week

nass_sare: masuk eggdrop jom
are_nan1611: fuh bile?
nass_sare: 16 feb ar
nass_sare: isnin
are_nan1611: isnin??
are_nan1611: hurm ok2..bleh kot
nass_sare: 1230
nass_sare: ha
nass_sare: cool
are_nan1611: ok2

That was my my instant massage with hanan before the start of engeneering week. certainly "the heat" was felt. For us Malaysian here in vanderbilt everyone was affected by it regardless we participate or not. 

Before further reporting about Engineering Week here at Vanderbilt let me tell you a bit background about Vanderbilt University and also our School of Engineering. Vanderbilt University is ranked 18th place nationally while our school of engineering is ranked 42nd. This is quoted from US News & World Report 2009 edition. If you don't believe me you can search at my search engine-ering. There is about Malaysians 130 undergrads here and all of them took engineering. Interesting isn't it? Done with the briefing, if you have more question you can shout at my box or leave a comment.

Below is some of activity we have done in the Engineering week. well... one picture can tell thousands stories.

Egg Drop Competition

 i want to buy buble tea if i win $400

poor egg

rest in peace

azlan and baba on top of the world

iCreate Robots Competition

the main actor

the obstacles

Fastest Geek

Haziq with his special pose

try again next year naser

muhaimin strugling to be the one

the grand prize DELL XPS 1530

Tower Building Competition

zed in action

Thats all for now. see ya next week!!

p/s: sorry zed... hehe

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