Friday, February 6, 2009


ding! I entered the lift

"How are you?" said the African American male with his girlfriend with his unique accent.

"I'm good, how are you?" I replied.

"good! what are studying here?" he ask out of the blue.


" what kind of engineering?"

"Electrical and Computer Engineering"

"man! you gonna make a lot of money I tell you!" suddenly he get fired up

"yeah, I think so....but I'm thinking of becoming a lecturer though" I replied.

ding! I walk out from the lift

"have a good night!" I said.

"you gonna make a lot of money I tell you!" he repeated the same thing for the third time.

and then I left thinking about the huge amount money that I'm gonna make.... ha! ha! ha!

Who is an engineer?

The well known definition of engineer is the person who applied science and mathematics to solve problem, issue, crisis, need of people in daily life.

In my perspective that definition is not wrong at all, others always thought that engineer is the person who makes a lot of money. In some way it is true but the main idea is engineer is a problem solver.

In the 20th century there are a lot of invention and majestic building that has shape the world physically and culturally were made such as radio, computer, cellphone, fast cars, bullet train, airplane, WTC, Petronas Twin Tower and the marvelous of the world that we took for granted. This are all made by engineers and I am going to be one of them.

Our Priority

Energy crisis is our main concern. Now everything that is made has to be energy conserve and renewable. The scarcity of oil and higher demand of energy consumption is the main cause. Then, whoever enter this field is the one the has the highest probability to make huge amount of money.

Another field of interest is nanotechnology. This is a new field which only starts less than 20 years but was predicted 50 years ago by Richard Feynman, some say he is the father of nanotechnology. Now most of the stuff is going nano from microchip to nanochip, microscope to nanoscope. Observing and moving a single atom is common these days. After we manage to manipulate the material in nanoscale we can change their property (i.e. density, hardness, conductivity etc.).

One of the wonder material of the engineering field is the carbon nanotube (CNT). Its cheap yet strong and light. Engineer in this field is highly demanded and I recommend you to learn about it.

Cool Stuff

Look at this video; speaker made from array of carbon nanotube shown during my signal processing class. It was made in China, that explain the music selection.

  • The speaker was stretched yet the sound quality still remain excellent.
  • Very thin and can be placed anywhere you could think of.


hex-everros said...

first to comment...hahaha

Fayadh said...

keep posting about Computer Engineering Nasir. I might be interested :)

Jannah the Superrific. said...

Good stuff you have here. Lain sikit than those you used to post :)

Keep it up.

nass_sare said...

Thanks guys for your support!
I will try at least post one entry perweek regarding my engeneering life.

Nabilah Fatin said...


Haiii. I think maybe one day if you're out of ideas, you can write about... why do you chooose engineering as your major. What do you expect actually? And now after learning engineering for 3years, your experience - is it same with your expectation? Are you happy with it?

aku rasa engineers mmg super cool. LOL

go go go Chem E! hehe. tiba2 je kn

nass_sare said...

that is an excellent idea nabilah
wow. long time no see
but sure... then I can promote this this to after SPM people.
thanks nabilah

shrimp13 said...

cool kan speaker nano tu!! bak kata syu "boleh taruk dekat bendera time nyanyi Negaraku." oh cop lupa kena comment english eh. AWESOME!